51% of Perth have never even heard of 98five!?

Wednesday, November 13, 2019 8:06 am
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51 % of Perth have never heard 98five

PSA: The Family is the LARGEST it’s ever been! 🤩🔥
We currently have the highest amount of listeners we’ve ever had. But did you know 51% of Perth have NEVER heard 98five? 😱😶

That’s half of Perth that hasn’t even had the chance to hear the positive announcers or the Lifewords or our uplifting songs played on our station! This may seem like a huge portion, but we’ve been making progress. Just 6 months ago we were looking at 55% of Perth who had never tuned into us. In half a year we’ve reached 4% more of Perth (that’s 62,600 people) – so we’re growing quickly!

Help us grow the family and reach that other 51% of people!
By donating to Radiothon you’ll help us reach, build and engage further and further across Perth and WA.

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