By Corey Sutton | Brekky producer

Do you ever have fears about whether your child is safe when they are having a sleepover at a friend’s house? Well you’re not alone in those worries. I’d be confident in assuming 99 per cent of parents have had this worry at least once.

Are you wondering how you can ease your fears a little when it comes to sleepovers?

Here are five handy questions to ask your little one before sending them to off that will help prepare you and your child for a safe, fun, and worry free night!

  1. WHO: Who’s house is it that you are sleeping over at? It’s wise to ask your child who the friend is, and then also ask to meet their parents first to ensure you are comfortable with your child staying the night. On top of this, will it just be your child and their friend? Or will their be more kids staying over too? It could be beneficial finding out who they are as well to put your mind at ease.
  2. WHAT: So what is on the agenda for the night? Will it just be movies? Perhaps they’ll be camping outside? Or maybe even an evening of doing homework! It’s important to make sure you are okay with everything that will be happening at the sleepover. Lay out some ground rules with your child before hand, maybe along the lines of no M rated movies, or no staying up past midnight. Are there certain foods you don’t want your kid eating? The last thing you want is your little one over tired, in hospital with a peanut allergy, and scared Jaws is going to jump out from the toilet bowl and eat them!
  3. WHERE: Let’s ascertain where the sleepover will be taking place. Is it at his friends house? Or a friend of a friends place? Is it down the road, or out in Woop Woop? Just simply asking will reveal all information. Will the kids be going to a relatives place whilst they’re out? It might seem a little overkill, but you wouldn’t want to get a phone call asking for a pick up from Mandurah when they were meant to be in Subiaco!
  4. WHEN: Always agree upon a start and finish time. You don’t want to palm your child off on the other parent, it can be exhausting! Clearly plan a drop off and pick up time prior. This will avoid the tears down the road if you never planned it and the kids start whinging when you pick them up.
  5. WHY: This might seem overkill, but it is important.  Are there other motives to why the sleepover is happening? Are household rules more relaxed at their house? Perhaps there will be girls there. All completely valid questions that as a parent, you are more than entitled to ask of your kid, and the household’s parents.

At the end of the day, your child is your child. You have the final say, and if you aren’t comfortable with the information you are presented with, you’re well within your rights to say ‘no’.

Plus, on the down low, in the future, there will be times when your kids want you to say no, I know I’ve done it more than once!

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