5 of the best ‘movie dads’ moments

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 4:20 pm
Reading Time: 1 minute

Dads, you’ve got to love them! And with Father’s Day coming up, the team from Movies Change People¬†is highlighting¬†some of their favourite ‘movie dads’.

These dads have had us in stitches, made us cry, and taught us some valuable lessons about fatherhood.

1. Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire
In scenes that made us laugh out loud, we see the power of a father’s love and desire to be in his kids’ lives.


2. Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happiness
An imperfect dad is willing to learn from his mistakes to instil in his son the courage to pursue his dreams.


3. Mufasa in The Lion King
Mufasa lays down the ultimate sacrifice of his life for his son.


4. Steve Martin in Father of the Bride
This protective father that many relate to, sheds some light on the ‘letting go’ process of growing children.


5. Marlin in Finding Nemo
Oceans, fear and pride couldn’t stop this father from finding and rescuing his son.

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