41% of Aussies use Black Friday to kick start their Christmas shopping

28 November 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days in the US and over the last decade, it has emerged in Australia. So Grant Dusting (AKA Stat-Man ) from McCrindle joined Kirste and Dan to share some statistics about Black Friday.

Like other American traditions such as Halloween, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been gaining traction in Australia. It is now rivalling Boxing Day which has traditionally been Australia’s super-sale day. “It’s one of those social changes. People are looking to Black Friday sales to kick off their Christmas shopping. If you are going to be shopping for Christmas why not start with a great sale?

McCrindle conducted a national survey of Australians and found that:

  • 88% of Australians said they had heard of Black Friday
  • 50% planned to check out the sales. This is up from 40% the year prior
  • 39% said they plan out what they want to buy in the Black Friday sales
  • 41% agreed that they use Black Friday to kick-start their festive shopping
  • 71% said they enjoy the in-person shopping experience, but 43% said they would be doing their Black Friday/Christmas shopping online.

Gen Z and Gen Y are driving engagement in Black Friday sales. “The younger generations are more tuned into the global culture. A lot of these traditions like Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales originated in the States. So that global American culture the younger generations are really on the pulse there.” They also prefer online shopping and are more likely to participate in Cyber Monday sales. Over the next decade, as these younger generations become the mainstream consumers, these sale days will likely become Australia’s biggest retail days. 

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