4 Times people got horribly sick overseas

18 August 2022

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A man’s practical joke on holiday in Bali went horribly wrong and landed him in hospital. Isaac Power posted a picture of himself drinking water from a statue in Bali and was later taken to hospital. So Bec and Jeziel wanted to know if you got sick overseas.

Shannon was in Amsterdam and had an upset stomach, so he went to the local pharmacy for some medicine but the pharmacist didn’t speak English. He tried to indicate that something was wrong with his stomach. The pharmacist misunderstood and thought he was constipated so he prescribed the opposite of what he needed. “I ended up dehydrated and in hospital. It got sorted out but total misunderstanding.”

When Andrew was in the army he did a 6-month deployment to Malaysia. Because there was no fresh water nearby they carried purification tablets in their water bottles. “Things got messed up, one of my water bottles didn’t get a tablet and we didn’t realise.” Andrew drank a quarter of the water and his friend drank the rest. Later that night they both became incredibly sick and were vomiting everywhere.

On the way to the hospital, Andrew’s friend died twice and had to be revived! Once they arrived the doctors didn’t want to go near them! They thought the men were diseased because they had camouflage paint all over their face. “They made us have a shower…We are lying on the shower floor I’m weakly trying to get the paint off his face. He’s vomiting on me, I’m vomiting on him.” They spent three days in the hospital with water poisoning and his friend had also been bitten by a 40cm centipede!

Graham and his family went to a wedding in Bali but they didn’t strain the water before making the ice for drinks. The whole wedding party became sick. “We had to come up with a 1000 bucks to cover things before Medicare would take over.”

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