4 incredible places to have an underwater wedding

12 May 2022

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Today I learnt…

There are special candles that  release oxygen when burned. Oxygen candles are used for emergency supply i submarines, airplanes and the space station. It is produced from a thermal, chemical reaction. Oxygen candles produce a lot of heat so steps must be followed to ensure everyone’s safety. Including the use of gloves and a strict no moving policy. They can burn for  60-90 minutes and produce up to 2600L of oxygen. This amount can provide approximately 20 hours of breathable air for four people.

There are 4 incredible places to have an underwater wedding!

Bora Bora: Has a beautiful underwater chapel decorated with shells

Florida: Captain Slate has been performing underwater weddings since the ’70s! He has performed an underwater wedding with 100 divers in attendance.

Bahamas: You can marry underwater without sharks, or renew your vows at a shipwreck.

Caribbean. Has a rare underwater air helmet scooters that putter around under the sea to view magical marine life. Or take a Submarines with up to 22 guests. 

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