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While almost two thirds  of Aussies participate in sports, a staggering 1 in 3  of  those will struggle with a sport-related injury each year. Sustaining a sports injury can not only end a season, but also put livelihoods at risk.

This week is Osteopathy Awareness Week, so practitioners all over the country are raising awareness for their field. Osteopathy is a drug free therapy for injury and can be used as a preventative measure to  prepare the body when transitioning between sports. The technique includes stretches, massage and mobilisation of specific joints and soft tissues to maintain optimum physical condition. Osteopaths offer exercise rehabilitation, exercise advice or prescription, lifestyle advice and education where appropriate. Sports osteopaths can enhance performance and improve muscle strength, rehabilitate and prevent future injuries.

so #giveitago and have a listen to Dr Shane Buntman’s interview below and see if osteopathy could help you.

Or you can find your local osteopath here.

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