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Adrian Munro, CEO Richmond Wellbeing joins The Brekky Show every fortnight to inform us about anxiety and depression.

If you do have anxiety or depression, how do you effectively treat it?

Like most things in life, there is not one simple solution. There are 3 tactics we should deploy to address this.

  1. Going to your GP
  2. Going to a counsellor
  3. Developing life skills and coping strategies

So where do you start?

Talking to your family and friends is the first thing Adrian recommends, and then move onto seeing a counsellor. If you’re suffering from anxiety, there may be some underlying trauma that needs to be worked through over a period of time.

For some people, medication is going to be a part of the solution. Not necessarily everybody and not necessarily long term.

There are certain connotations linked to medication for anxiety and depression. Some people think “I never want to be on medication because it’s really bad” or they think the extreme opposite “I just want to be on medication because it’ll fix everything.” But when taken effectively, medication can help relieve the symptoms, giving you time and space to work on the life and self-care skills to help you long term.

If you’re on medication, remember that its a two-way conversation.

You may not feel happy with the medication or how it’s making you feel, so remember it’s ok to tell your doctor this. You don’t have to feel like “no, I can’t say anything because they’re the doctor”. Doctors are happy to have these open conversations. You could take a friend or family member with you or write down how you’re feeling or what you’re observing and take it with you to your check-up. Your doctor wants to know this so they can take care of you best!

Family and carers play such an important role in supporting us through mental health issues. Adrian Monroe always recommends you take someone with you on your appointments. Often they will notice something during the week you may not have or they’ll hear what the doctor has to say with a different perspective.

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