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Jodii Maguire from Think! Performance Psychology on the positives of work-life integration.



Our lives have totally changed since technology has made it possible for us to bring our whole work environment into the home.

Jodii Macquire has given us some tips to manage this. She taught us to find out what time of day and where we work best so that we can get the bulk of our work done then and there. Auditing how you use your technology so that you only use it for its positives and not falling down any deep dark rabbit holes of the internet. Using technology within boundaries that make us happy and content. If 2 hours a week of social media makes you happy, great. If it’s 1 hour or 5 hours, great, if you can make that balance work then that’s fine, we don’t have to get so “judgy-judgy”.

But how can modern day technology, living and work actually be helpful to us? How can this work-life integration benefit us?

Work has become more flexible for us.

I’m hearing more and more stories about how large and small businesses have been able to make work fit into school hours with some extra hours earlier or later when it suits. So working from anywhere and designing your own hours has been a real benefit from the merging of these two spaces. So we can plan our days around what suits our families rather than someone else telling us.

We get to travel less.

One of the things that used to take us away from our families and commitments was travelling for work. Sometimes we do still have to jump on a flight. With international hours with can skype or use multimedia to get to different locations on our behalf.

We can broaden our education.

We can get real-time information and resources from different locations. SO we’re actually getting more information and more accurate information.

Are we happy with the way things are going with us? Start planning that conversation. How would we like our work life to go? What changes can I make? What conversations can I have? Talk to your boss, leader, manager or your spouse. Make some decisions and have those conversations. DOn’t wait for someone else to make these decisions for you. A) they won’t happen and B) these people don’t know what you need.

If we equip ourselves with the strategies Jodii Macquire has been talking about over the term be will be able to make full use of the opportunities this new frontier of work-life intregration presents.

Jodii Macquire is a regular guest on the Brekky Show, every second Wednesday of the school term!

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