26% of People Have Shared A Toothbrush!

23 February 2022

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Have you shared a toothbrush?

Jeziel stayed at a friend’s house for a week. When he left, his friend called asking if he took his mum’s toothbrush. “I forgot I had gotten a new one. Her toothbrush was the same colour as my old one. So for a week I lived in the house with them sharing a toothbrush with his mum twice a day for an entire week without knowing!” So Bec and Jeziel wanted to know, have you shared a toothbrush?

“Have only ever used another family member’s toothbrush intentionally when desperate. But ran it under super hot water first.”

“Yes me and my hubby share our toothbrushes since we’ve been married 15 years.”

“A toothbrush should just be for yourself don’t share it with anyone.”

The results were calculated and revealed that 60% of listeners have shared a toothbrush with someone. This is way higher than the study by the Oral Health Foundation,  which said only 26% have shared their toothbrush! The study also revealed that 32% of men were likely to let someone borrow their toothbrush, but only 20% of women. When asked who they would be willing to share their toothbrush with, 8% said family, 5% said their friends and 4% said their next-door neighbour!

Have you shared a toothbrush? Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!

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