25 Kids Activities for Winter

Thursday, June 7, 2018 10:12 am
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The wet weather has finally arrived! But that doesn’t mean we have to cuddle up on the couch and wait it out, we can put on our trackies and jumpers and get out side with our families and friends with these winter activities courtesy of Nature Play WA.

25 kids activities for perth winter

Here are 25 winter activities to inspire you and the kids to get outside and play:

1. Make leaf boats and float them down a stream or in a puddle
2. Collect fallen leaves, paint them with winter colours and press onto paper to make leaf prints
3. Singin’ in the rain – celebrate the season with a song and dance in the wet and windy weather
4. Go on a fungi hunt – they pop up everywhere!
5. Draw on this paper or cardboard with washable textas, leave it in the rain and watch the colours run – rain painting!
6. Make mud castles and decorate with twigs
7. If you’re brave enough, take an icy plunge and go winter swimming!
8. Visit waterfalls to see them at their finest
9. Make mud pies like a messy master chef
10. Build a rain-proof cubby in your backyard
11. Go beachcombing for treasures washed up after a storm
12. Wrap yourself in a blanket and enjoy cloudwatching
13. Find dry leaves to kick and crunch
14. Build a dirt or mud track for toy cars and host a mud derby
15. Toast marshmallows on an open fire with mum & dad
16. Go on a nature scavenger hunt and create art with your finds
17. Decorate yourself with mud art
18. Make a rain gauge to measure the rain in your backyard
19. Have a winter picnic with a thermos of hot milo or tomato soup – yum!
20. Visit a creek and find some tadpoles
21. Find the deepest, muddiest puddle you can and jump in it!
22. Grab some black plastic, find a hilly park and slide down the wet, slippy grass
23. Fly a kite on a windy day
24. Grab a stick and create dirt drawings
Put on your wet weather gear and rain boots, and just get out in the wet!

Download your copy  of this list here.

Have a listen to Kath Healy from Nature Play WA on The Brekky Show for some extra winter inspo:


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