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A study has looked at the tipping habits of over 1000 people across Australia. It revealed that 21% of people tip frequently, 28% rarely tip and 21% never tip.

Out of the people that frequently tip, 47% will tip 10 per cent on the total bill and 17% leave up to 20 per cent! Bec and Jeziel found these statistics unbelievable, so they wanted to know what type of tipper are you?

1. “Of course, all the time – it’s the nice thing to do”
2. “Sometimes, but only if the service is great.”
3. “Get real, tipping is for Americans.” 
Bec doesn’t tip on a regularly basis. “I think in Australia the wages are pretty good. In the States they get like $7 an hour so they rely on tips.” Lu used to tip back when they used cashed. “I would also put my change in the fundraising tins. Not anymore now we pay via card more.” After tallying the results they found that 60% of the 98five family DO tip!
Do you tip at a restaurant? Let us know by texting or messaging us on socials. Listen to the full chat below!
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