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On the 27th of June Dr Ann O’Neill is arranging 1500 people dressed up as angels to congregate at the Perth Convention Centre to break a Guinness World Record to promote World PTSD Day and raise money for trauma survivors.
Dr Anne runs Angel Hands, a non for profit organisation that helps survivors of extreme trauma. Angel Hands tends to 450 people a year for free and step in a little way into their trauma recovery, after medical professionals have finished their treatment and the survivor needs extra help.

“50 – 75% of people will go through a major trauma event in their lives, 1/3 will thrive, 1/3 survive and 1/3 people ‘flail’ which leads to unemployment, drug use or even suicide.
The average age of people suffering PTSD is 23, but often these people don’t come forward for help until they reach their 30s or even 40s, so Angel Hands provide a crucial service.”

So why did Dr Ann start Angel Hands?
After losing 2 of her children to domestic homicide, Dr Ann researched what kind of help was out there. After finding insufficient services and other people reaching out to her, she started the organisation. Read more of her story here or listen to her chat on The Drive Show below:

If you would like to join Dr Ann in her record breaking attempt find all the details here.


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