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Bec and Jeziel had the absolute honour of talking to local 13-year-old musician Elianie Watson. She was the runner up at the Australian Children’s Music Foundation’s National Song writing competition, having won a cash prize of $500! And she popped into the studio to have a chat about her original song, “Fallen” and to perform it!

We are impressed about how mature Elianie is about mental health. “Remember there is always someone to talk to and you are loved” she told Bec and Jeziel. Elianie went on to explain that the biggest issue surrounding mental health is the stigma around it and how social media affects our self image.

“Fallen is a song about mental health, digging yourself really deep into a pit of negativity. However we need to focus on the small positive things in life such as flowers and rain” – Elianie Watson

Elianie has been playing piano since she was 4 years old and has been surrounded by music her whole life. Similarly, 2 years ago she taught herself to play the ukulele which features on her track, “Fallen”. Music runs in her family, with her mum being musically talented as well as her sister and her dad was a percussionist for the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra.

The Australian Children’s Music Foundation that Elianie signed up to and through which she came runner up in the song writing contest, is a charity which provides free music education and instruments to disadvantaged children and youth at risk with schools, juvenile justice centres and music therapy in hospitals. If you would like to donate to this great cause, you could visit them on the their website at 

Have a listen to the full interview below as well as her new track, “Fallen”:

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