10 000 People In Chennai Are ‘Pavement Dwellers’

Thursday, February 17, 2022 2:15 pm
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 In Chennai India, an estimated 10 000 people are ‘Pavement Dwellers’.

They have no identity papers and are not recognised by the Government and all the benefits that go with that. A home, health care, access to schools and employment. They are a step below those living in the Slums. Who at least have identity papers and a locked room at night.

To live ‘On The Pavement’ is as it sounds. They have a couple of square metres of pavement with a tarp propped up by a couple of sticks. About 60% of people living there have been born and raised on that small piece of land for several generations. When it rains and floods, they might have some milk crates that they stand on with their kids.

Kelley from the Foxglove Project joined Mike to talk about their project the Bird’s Nest. When asked if they want to get off the Pavement, Kelley said: “It’s a big move because that’s all you have known. To move into the slum, you think to yourself you do get a locked room and you can be safe at night but it’s a different world, you are suddenly removed from all those people you’ve known and the life that you’ve known.”

To hear more of what the Foxglove Project is doing, listen to the Podcast below. Let us know your thoughts by texting or messaging us on socials.

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