Jeziel shows us how to keep clean and lean in 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 2:56 pm

By Mike Atkinson | Drive producer and public relations officer

January was a month full of promise. I will keep fit this year. I will lose weight. I will join a gym.

As we head into Autumn and the nights draw in it may be harder to keep that January optimism flowing so to top up your fuel tank Jeziel has been trying out the off the beaten track forms of exercise for Clean and Lean 2017.

1. Boxilates

The perfect combination of boxing and pilates! Jeziel headed for Perth Pilates in North Perth and was thrown in the deep end with a gruelling one-hour session.

Boxilates is designed to sculpt the body by combining high-octane boxing moves with the muscle lengthening and strengthening that you get from pilates.

The combination of the two gives an all-over body workout and the upbeat tempo certainly helps keep the class aerobic.

It is the perfect class for those who like the idea of pilates but can sometimes find it a little slow and it is tough enough to ensure results quickly.

Knowing this info Jeziel still forgot to bring a towel. Oh, what a rookie error.

2. Cross Skating

This form of cross country skiing and skating will burn the calories in no time.

Hannes Holly from Cross Skating Australia gave Jeziel an hour’s coaching by the picturesque South Perth foreshore and on a baking 38°C Jeziel’s choice of exercise wear was questionable.

Cross Skating originates from Nordic cross country skiing and is widely used by athletes and hobby skiers a like to stay in shape during summer months.

The combination of skates and poles activate lower and upper body muscles making it the ultimate outdoor fitness activity without loading joints due to pneumatic wheels and carbon fibre poles absorbing vibrations and load.

Which exercise should we try next? Email with your suggestions.